Extend hyTeams to your entire company

hyTeams Corporate enables cost saving by optimising office space, increasing the efficiency of collaborative working. It reduces uncertainty in the implementation of a hybrid  working model, enhancing the corporate culture and collaboration.

Why get hyTeams Corporate

The Corporate version of hyTeams offers the advantages of the Entry and Premium version plus:


In the Corporate version, professionals can reserve the occupancy of areas on the days they are present in the office. In this way, users know in advance where they will find available seats in the office and the company can obtain valuable data on occupancy and on the spatial preferences of professionals. This makes it possible to control capacity and reduce future office costs based on actual usage trends.



hyTeams Corporate integrates with Office 365 and the connection to Outlook allows you to view and manage your personal agenda and meetings, knowing which team members or people of interest will be in the office each day. This makes it easy to book the most suitable room or the ideal day for face-to-face team dynamics.

This management, in turn, allows greater contact between professionals in the office. In this way, cultural ties between professionals and between teams are strengthened.


Thanks to the advanced management and visualisation offered by the management module included in the Corporate version, the company can analyse team dynamics, set general rules and limits and check trends that are often invisible to the company. This reduces uncertainty about the actual functioning of the adopted hybrid model.


hyTeams version comparison


  • Find your colleagues

    Get a quick overview of who is in the office today

  • Plan your workday

    Planning your day is just a click away

  • Plan based on your teams

    Visualize the schedule for the entire week of your team members

  • Plan ahead

    Organize your week/month according to your needs or desires

  • Overview of your teams

    All teams displayed at once

  • Create a team

    Create and manage different teams from the application

  • Organize the team

    Define rules for hybrid work and schedule joint attendance days

  • Joint attendance days

    See which days your manager has chosen to coincide in the office with your team members

  • Book meeting rooms

    Quickly book meeting and collaboration rooms from the home screen

  • Choose meeting rooms

    Select a different room than the one automatically assigned to you

  • Book a specific workstation

    Quickly reserve a workstation through the app

  • Manage employee population

    Organize members of your company participating in the program

  • Manage team settings

    Include, remove, and modify members within each team in hyTeams

  • Define spaces available for your population

    Create and modify the capacity of buildings, floors, and sectors available in the program

  • Layout planning

    Find a workstation or a meeting room on a floor layout and book it

  • Resource allocation to groups

    Definition of resources available for each segment of your organization

  • Spatial visualization of resource distribution

    Geographical representation of the location and distribution of your properties

  • Advanced analytics of work patterns

    Description and analysis of the behavior of different population segments in their work routines

  • Resource monitoring system

    Continuous monitoring of the resources available to the population

  • Infrastructure optimizer

    Recommendations and optimization tool for infrastructure usage

  • User support

    Our corporate service provides personalized support to users of the application and management system

Integrations and technical specifications

hyTeams Corporate integrates with different company systems, such as SAP or the Microsoft environment, to automatically obtain and update team and professional data. And the connection with Office 365 allows the application to integrate the consultation and management of the day’s agenda of professionals, as well as the reservation of collaboration rooms, depending on the number of attendees who will be in the office at each meeting..


Connecting to SOAP Web Services
SAP users with authorisations to run the SOAP web service
Secure access to WSDL and XML files conforming to the web service


hyTeams integrates with Archibus Web Central, exploiting two main functionalities: the integration of floor plans and the integration of the inventory of buildings, floors, meeting rooms, parking and workstations.

Microsoft Graph API connection
Access via Azure Active Directory
Requires prior SSO integration with Azure

Google Cloud Logo

In addition to infrastructure security, Google Cloud Platform offers:

Role-defined access.
Encrypted access via SSH and SSL.
Encrypted passwords


Protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament on the protection of natural persons (GDPR).


Integration of login via an external platform.

Requirements vary depending on the platform.

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