Synchronise your hybrid team the easy way

hyTeams is a free app for Android and iOS that helps simplify real-time digital planning and visualisation of who works when in the office or from home.

Synchronize your hybrid teams stress-free and optimise the employee experience.

You will be able to plan and visualise which days you will be at the corporate headquarters to collaborate and socialise. And which days each of you will be working remotely, travelling, on holiday or on sick leave.

Install the app now on your team’s mobiles (Android or iOS) and start synchronising to make the most efficient use of the days when you’re in the office and when you’re working remotely.

What are the benefits of hyTeams?



Encourages collaboration and strengthens team bonding and culture

Personal weekly/monthly planning of attendance in the office and visualisation of when colleagues are in the office or working on the go.



Improve team productivity and use of available resources

Easy synchronisation of team attendance in the office and remote work.

(Premium version)

Strengthens culture and helps optimise resources

Control the organisation’s office needs, efficient coordination of teamwork and much more!

How does it work?

For Team Managers: Creating, configuring and visualising hybrid teams

For Team Managers: Creating, configuring and visualising hybrid teams
1. Create your profile and your teams (as many as you want).

Create and manage different teams from within the application: by unit, by project, by service… you decide.

2. Define the hybrid working model for each team.

Define the rules for hybrid work and schedule joint office attendance days.

3. Visualise whether staff will be in or out of the office.

Visualise where each employee is working (in or out of the office, remotely).


For Team Members: Workplace planning and colleague synchronisation

For Team Members: Workplace planning and synchronisation with colleagues
1. Plan where you will work each day

Plan non-mandatory overlapping days in the office, based on agreed rules.

2. Synchronise with your colleagues

Check out which days you are interested in to plan your meeting with them.

3. Meet the people you care about

Visualise each day which people in your team are working in or out of the office.


Improve your team's hybrid work experience now

Do you want more benefits for your team and company?